Hepatitis C Prognosis – Is it Good?

Well, both yes and now. The reason why the hepatitis C prognosis can be good, is because a new herbal cure was developed for hepatitis in 2009, and it is completely herbal. The way that it works is by blocking the enzyme, which the HCV virus uses to replicate. Aside from that, if hepatitis C is left untreated it can turn chronic, and many complications can occur. emotionalpaycheck

When can acute Hepatitis C turn chronic? Reasons why in some cases Hepatitis C can turn worse from acute to chronic vary to a great extent. Doctors have found that individual characteristics along with several other factors decide whether a patient’s Hepatitis C infection will become chronic. Experts have been unable to come up with reliable estimates regarding the risk of the disease becoming chronic as the research is still maturing. So far data has reflected that one-third of patients who fail to get treated can develop cirrhosis in 20 years, while another one-third of the infected patients progress to this stage in 30 years. In case of the rest of the patients, it is highly unlikely that they will develop cirrhosis during their life span.

Aside from that, the hepatitis C disease is one of the illnesses, which has taken many tolls. Especially in the past, when the watter supplies were not controlled properly, and blood transfusion was done without any testing of the blood for pathogens, the hepatitis C prognosis was not good emotionalpaycheck

How can hepatitis c be cured, before it turns worse?Well, up till 2008 there were several treatment options for this type of hepatitis. Interferon therapy was one of them, and was quite effective. In 2009, Australian researchers came up with a natural cure for hepatitis C, which is completely herbal, and any patients suffering from the disease, can apply it tat home. Currently, lots of people are getting rid of the infection completely, by applying the new treatment. The reason it is effective, is that it completely stops the hepatitis C virus from replicating, which results in a quick elimination of any infection. That’s one of the reasons why today, the hepatitis C prognosis is quite good and optimistic.

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