Coronavirus – Ancient Method of Health, Happiness, Youth and Faith

Many confuse faith and rigid belief systems as similar, while more confuse faith and residual happiness as separate. graingertoday

Religious faith tends to be doctrine-ridden. In how well we can preach literal stories as real as opposed to mature esoteric understanding.

And, of course, true faith — literal or esoteric — can be seen everywhere, in everyone and in every situation. Faith is when the THOUGHT of God is absent, or, working through divine standard unconsciously. After-all, a thought of God is still only a thought, it’s a thing, it passes.

This term, ‘rigid belief systems’, I feel, has caused much malfunction globally regards mental health and physical well-being.

The gospels are not setting out religious belief systems for anyone. Not advocating strict moral dictates to the extent that one is existing robotic-like. Thus, not living one’s natural freedom status through the body consciousness, stifles free-flowing creative expression, the very substance or nature of our Being.

As spiritual Beings, and as co-creators with God, humans were not created to be locked away from the ‘hell-world’ in spiritual caves, monasteries or institutional dungeons. (This is not referring to the present global lockdown).

If our humanity is never tested by the laws of nature, by the hustle, bustle and temptations of daily living, then how strong or abiding is our over-all faith?

The same applies to youth and health.

Many confuse absence of youth with chronological age, when in fact youth essentially is an inner state of well-being, at any age.

Many confuse ill-health with fate or genetic inheritance. The reality is, we create our own standard of health by the food we eat and the thoughts we entertain. This simple format of food nourishment and mental nourishment, supplies the mind-body with the vital life-force known as kundalini energy.

In other words, food makes the body, while Spirit forms the soul.

The Bible is allegorical

So much confusion can arise based on our belief systems, our faith and our standard well-being. So let us now address this apparent confusion, in the spiritual context.

Firstly, the Bible is presented in coded or symbolized language. Names, places and events refer to inner faculties, to altering states of consciousness. graingertoday

The truth is, every soul from birth has innate faith. And bringing this to its highest fruition in consciousness, requires personal inward travel, not outer conditioning.

And while many religions refer to the Bible, the Bible is not referring to ANY religion.

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